Rapid development
& deployment

of partner applications

ZED Core Applications Address the Evolving Needs of Fleets

Core Applications give a “unified mixed fleet” context under which partner-specific applications can be delivered

Data Collection and Aggregation

Our applications are always collecting and securely streaming in real-time millions of data points from available systems in the vehicle.

Machine Learning and Analytics

Detection algorithms continuously learn from new incoming data and extracted insights, adapting and enhancing results for each unique client and operation.

Analytics based partner app development

Our rapid iteration development methodologies and dedication to meet your goals, means we can quickly adapt to changing business and market requirements.

ZED Connect Core Platform

Simplification of Partner Application Development


Partners can leverage ZED’s cybersecurity protections on the web and mobile apps.

Private Platform

Users and partners cannot access more data than they have paid for. Partners will be restricted in their access to other companies’ data.

Universal Sign-On

One account and sign-in credentials for all ZED Platform apps and selected partner apps.

Online Payment

Admins can pay for ZED Platform apps through the online payment portal (one-time, recurring.)

Universal Notifications

Allows users to access notifications from all apps (core & Tier 1) in a single place.

Our Apps are Designed
to Connect and Leverage
Data at the Vehicle Level